Pokémon Art Academy receives North American release date


European Pokémon fans have already been scribbling away in Pokémon Art Academy throughout summer, and now we know when those in North America can join in.

Miiverse is fit to burst with incredibly talented drawings, with the game guiding players through 40 lessons that will help to enhance your painting, skething and drawing skills. That takes you through Starter, Novice, Apprentice and Graduate courses, introducing colouring, shading, shadow and depth techniques.

We reviewed Pokémon Art Academy back in June, writing: “For those that already own previous iterations, it must be said that Pokémon Art Academy doesn’t really build much further upon that which we’ve already encountered before. Although in directly bringing Pokémon into the mix, what it does provide is a more significant pull that will hopefully entice those yet to experience what the Art Academy series has to offer.”

Pokémon Art Academy will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across North America on October 24th.

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