Pokémon Advanced Episodes Hit Pokémon TV This Week

Pokémon Advanced Logo

The Pokémon Company International has revealed that Pokémon Advanced episodes will be made available on the Pokémon TV app this week.

From Friday, you will be able to watch as Ash and Pikachu take their first steps into the Hoenn region – waving farewell to some of their old friends as they leave Johto.

In this sixth season of Pokémon the Series, Ash and Pikachu meet May – a Trainer who has just started her own Pokémon adventure.

Along with her younger brother Max and Brock, the group will face all sorts of new challenges and discover new Pokémon – with Ash training hard to take on the Gym Leaders, while May explores the competitive world of Pokémon Contests.

It’s worth pointing out that when Pokémon Advanced arrives on Pokémon TV this week, the previous story arc – which includes the third, fourth, and fifth seasons – will leave the streaming service.

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