Pocket Rumble Hits Nintendo Switch On July 5th

Pocket Rumble Screenshot

Chucklefish and Cardboard Robot Games have announced that Pocket Rumble will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

The streamlined, beginner-friendly 2D fighting game has been inspired by classic fighters that SNK created for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The developer has looked to retain the gameplay elements that made traditional fighters great but reduce the level of execution and memorisation necessary to the absolute minimum.

That means that experienced players will be able to learn the game quickly to then focus on deeper elements of strategy and mind-games, whereas new players can learn the ins and outs of fighting games without feeling overwhelmed.

You can brawl as a diverse cast of characters that each has their own unique meter and mechanics. There’s the cutesy Keiko who wields a demonic detonating cat called Q, to the grappler Subject 11 who harnesses psychokinetic powers to toss enemies like ragdolls, and ninja cowboy Hector, who uses a katana to keep his opponents at bay, but be careful, his specials also cost life-points, which must be restored using his meter.

Pocket Rumble will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 5th.

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