PlayStation 4 has outsold Wii U lifetime sales

After the next-gen console’s launch in Japan last month, Sony have announced that the PlayStation 4 has now surpassed sales of six million units worldwide.

They claimed that 370,000 units were sold over launch weekend, more than that reported, which saw them sail over such milestone.

This, somewhat sadly, means that the PlayStation 4 has now, or at least near enough, overtaken the Wii U, which has sold 5.86 million units (as of 31st December 2013) since the console’s November 2012 launch.

[Thanks Gamasutra]

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  1. Not sure why this is ‘somewhat sad’. This is great news isn’t it? Yes it is a shame the Wii U is failing miserably but the success of the PS4 is something to balance the bad wiiU sales.

    Once the WiiU price reduces to about £150 I’ll be getting one (Unless the pull of Mario Kart proves too difficult!) as IMO that is decent price point for the, somewhat sadly, less than rich people. At this price point think it’ll start selling much better and by that point there will be enough games worth buying the console for. Then all will look rosy…..

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