Pixels director describes Donkey Kong’s appearance as “a slam-dunk”


Pixels director Chris Columbus has shared how Donkey Kong wasn’t originally in the first draft of the movie’s script, but Nintendo’s approval had been “a slam-dunk.”

Columbus had sat in “months and months” of meetings with Nintendo’s board of directors, who eventually gave the nod for Donkey Kong to appear in the film which pays homage to several arcade classics.

“I was excited because the script had a Centipede sequence and a Pac-Man sequence, but what the first draft of the script did not have was Donkey Kong,” Columbus explained to Wired.

“After months and months of meeting with the board of Nintendo they agreed that we were going to treat Donkey Kong with respect and the proper gameplay, which was very important, and bringing Donkey Kong into the film was a slam-dunk for us.”

Pixels will release in cinemas across the United States on July 24th.

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