Pitchford: Wii U is the “best shooter controller I’ve ever played with”

randy pitchford

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford, as one of the few currently vocal about the strengths of the Wii U, has continued his glowing praise of the system and unique controller.

“Nintendo’s Wii U is going to come out soon, and we’re really excited about this platform because when we got briefed on it, and I got to play with it and got my hands on the controls, I was like ‘Wow, this is the best controller I’ve ever had from Nintendo for a hardcore first-person shooter,'” Pitchford explained during an interview with GameSpot.

“Of all the controllers, forget about the Wii U or the Wii, it’s the best shooter controller I’ve ever played with from Nintendo. So we’re really excited the platform is coming, and we’re really excited we’ll bring our game to it.”

He continues, “The Wii U is a next-generation system, it is coming now it isn’t even out yet and we’ve had our 360s and PS3s for a while so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. It is up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they haven’t revealed all of the details yet, but so far we’ve been thrilled with it. It’s pretty clear to us that the best looking console version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be on Wii U.

“It does have the added advantage of this new controller, which has a touch screen built into it, and that gives us some interface options that are just not possible on the other platforms. The most obvious one of course is a motion tracker, so I’m playing the game and maybe I’m going through one of the suspenseful sections. All of a sudden I realise sound is actually coming from the controller, I look down and it’s a motion tracker in my hand. It’s motion sensitive too, so I can scan the room by moving the controller. It’s pretty cool, and just one of many uses of this device.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines will release for Wii U later this year.

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