Pinball FX3 Update Version 1.0.2 Delivers Frame Rate And Resolution Upgrades


Zen Studios has released a new software update for Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch, which delivers improvements to both the game’s frame rate and resolution.

“We are happy to say that you can download a huge update that upgrades handheld mode to 60 frames per second, and 1080p in TV mode right after you are finished reading this news item!” the developer explains.

“This update upgrades all 36 tables in the library and brings A TON of new features and fixes. We hope you can take this upgrade to an already great game as a sign that Zen Studios truly values our Nintendo Switch players and will continue to support the platform for the long term.”

Pinball FX3 Update Version 1.0.2 Patch Notes


  • All tables now run in 60 FPS both in handheld and TV mode.
  • All tables now run in 1080p in TV mode.
  • The number of players partiicpating in the actual Matchup League is now displayed.
  • See a new popup notification when you unlock a new mastery reward.
  • Local high-score leaderboard added to the pause menu.
  • My Collection screen has a new virtual group: Weekly Matchup Tables.
  • In the Newsfeed, a “New Matchup Season Started” category has been added.
  • A separate Superscore leaderbaord has been introduced for Classic Mode.

Quick Play Features

  • New Quick Play category Random Play has been added.
  • New Quick Play category Tournament has been added.
  • New Quick Play category Matchup has been added.

Tournament Features

  • You can create a new tournament with shorter lengths (between 1-8 hours).
  • New “Permission” filter has been added that shows private games only.
  • “End Tournament” in-game notification added to alert players.
  • Tournament has a new game mode: Real Classic Without Perks.
  • You can set the number of starting balls and turn on (or off) extra balls in the new Classic Tournament mode.
  • Players may set the maximum number of available play attempts.
  • Players may sort tournament by default or number of participants/time left.

Matchup Balance Issues

  • More players will be promoted to higher Matchup Leagues.
  • You now won’t advance to a new league with 0 Victory Points.
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