Pile Up! Box By Box Out On Nintendo Switch In August

Pile Up! Box By Box Screenshot

HandyGames and Seed by Seed have confirmed a release date for Pile Up! Box By Box on Nintendo Switch.

Whether playing solo or with up to four players, this family-friendly cooperative 3D platformer will challenge you to jump up, slide down, play together and carry the load.

Navigating worlds that are “full of uniquely joyful levels,” you must work as a team to unfold mysteries and solve puzzles in an effort to help the friendly citizens that call the game’s sunbaked islands, amber forests and magical caves home.


  • Go on an adventure: Explore colorful cardboard worlds in this cute 3D platformer. Find your way through countless levels, uncover mysteries and bring joy to the cardboard inhabitants of these places.
  • Local Multiplayer: Play with your friends with up to 4 players! Drop-in and out at any time with dynamic challenge rescaling.
  • A game for everyone: Anybody can play Pile Up! The chill-paced game has simple controls, no punishment for failure, and no time pressure. And remember that teammates can always help each other!
  • Teamwork: Cooperate to progress! It’s all about communication and organization. Share the tasks, synchronize your moves and carry each other to overcome the challenges.
  • Minigame Frenzy: Face your friends in frantic minigames and lead hilariously chaotic battles. For party game lovers!
  • Creativity is key: Think outside the box and solve the puzzles your own way. There is no unique solution, creativity is the key! The sky is the limit! Build stairs and structures with the boxes you collected.
  • Optimize your strategies: Unlock the timer mode and test your skills at piling up boxes. Find the best strategy and the quickest way to progress through the worlds.

Pile Up! Box By Box will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 17th August 2021.

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