Pikmin-Like Tinykin Coming To Nintendo Switch This August

Tinykin Logo

tinyBuild and Splashteam have announced that their 3D platform-adventure Tinykin is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You will have the chance to join galactic explorer Milo as he discovers the long-lost home of mankind, Earth. After beaming down, he discovers that he is barely an inch tall and becomes stranded in a ’90s-style house inhabited by sentient insects.

Taking inspiration from classic Saturday morning cartoons – and we’d argue Nintendo’s own Pikmin series – you are free to explore the “massive, miniature environments” within the house, in which each room presents its own problems to solve.

While Milo can run, jump, bound between obstacles and unfurl his upgradeable bubble-glider to cross wider gaps, he will be able to call upon the mysterious Tinykin to help overcome the obstacles that are otherwise impassable – whether that be moving massive objects, building ladders or blasting open sealed passages.

There are four types of coloured Tinykin that have been revealed:

  • The purple Tinykin: They are extremely powerful despite their small stature. Solicit their help when you need to do some heavy lifting.
  • The green Tinykin: They are extremely resourceful when reaching daring new heights. Gather a bigger team of the green Tinykin and you can breathe the air up top!
  • The blue Tinykin: Watch out and stand away from the blue Tinykin, unless you want to take the risk of getting an electric shock! When working with them properly, you can restore some crucial appliances that grant you the entrance to valuable resources.
  • The red Tinykin: And don’t forget to befriend this nice little guy in red. He may look like an adorable bomb and have an immensely fiery temper, but he means no harm.

Tinykin will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th August 2022.

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