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Miyamoto introduces Pikmin 3’s new touch screen controls

It has been nearly a year since Pikmin 3 delighted us, and those that have purchased the Wii U exclusive since will have noticed a recent software update was released. Once installed this allows playe...


Captain Olimar and Louie return in Pikmin 3’s third DLC pack

Pikmin 3 players can expect to find themselves running across beaches, around a house during a festive party, through a construction site and a mysterious factory, in the game’s third slice of d...


Second Pikmin 3 DLC pack now available

For those looking to extend their experience with Pikmin 3, Nintendo have announced that their second set of downloadable stages are now available to purchase. Broadening the “Battle Enemies!...


Pikmin 3 downloadable content expands Mission Mode

As part of today’s Nintendo Direct, global president Satoru Iwata revealed the company’s plans to support Pikmin 3 with downloadable content. Downloading the latest software update will im...


Miyamoto explains where to use Pikmin 3’s Secret Memo code

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has shared details on how to access the hidden content awaiting to be unlocked by players who have discovered the Secret Memos scattered throughout Pikmin 3. Once col...


Club Nintendo adds Pikmin 3 keyrings

Club Nintendo members across Europe have a new option as to what they can spend their hard earned Stars on. This week has seen the Stars Catalogue updated with two new keyrings celebrating the launch ...


Pikmin 3 enters UK charts in second place

Nintendo can celebrate healthy opening weekend sales for Wii U exclusive Pikmin 3, as the game secured second place within this week’s UK multi-platform chart. Elsewhere, Animal Crossing: New Le...


Nintendo UK’s Pikmin 3 TV advertising emerges

Whilst last Friday saw Pikmin 3 release across Europe, it is today that Nintendo have shared the television advertising that will promote the Wii U exclusive. Each centres on everyday citizens sat out...


Pikmin 3 software update now available

Nintendo have pushed live a software update for Pikmin 3, alongside the Wii U exclusive’s European launch. Taking a few minutes to download and install it updates the software to version 1.1.0, ...

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