Pictlogica Final Fantasy Delivers An RPG Puzzler On Nintendo 3DS

pictlogica final fantasy image

Square Enix has announced Pictlogica Final Fantasy, a free-to-play RPG puzzler that is destined for the Nintendo 3DS.

After originally seeing release on smartphones, it has since been reworked for the handheld – tasking players with solving more than 300 puzzles that each hide an illustration plucked from the Final Fantasy series.

To do so, you must complete puzzles that will be familiar to those that have ever played a Picross game, although Square Enix has provided a twist on what many will have come to expect.

That throws in an overworld, quests and battles, which rely on players to see their four-strong party unleash magic, summons and unique character skills on to take down monstrous foes.

It appears that there are 160 characters to unlock, through successfully completing the quests that your party sets out on.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 12th.

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