Picross S2 Puzzles Nintendo Switch This Week With New Clip Picross Mode

Picross S2 Review Header

Jupiter has announced that Picross S2 will release on Nintendo Switch this week, the second game in their popular picture crossword puzzle series to release on the portable home console.

This will introduce the new Clip Picross mode, where players are challenged to collect puzzle pieces, solve them and then place them together to complete a story.

“We have added a new mode called Clip Picross. In this mode, solve problems laid out on the board to complete a large illustration,” the developer explains.

“There are over 100 problems to solve that allow you to advance in Picross Mode. Clear all Clip Picross problems to reveal a connected story.”

In addition, the developer has added a new feature that will let players count squares by moving the cursor.

Picross S2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 2nd, priced at £8.09 ($8.99).

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