Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney UK film premiere dated

phoenix wright ace attorney uk premiere

After news of Ace Attorney 5 being in development, fans now have another piece of news to celebrate.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the live-action adaptation directed by Japanese director Takeshi Miike, will receive its UK premiere on Friday 12th October at 6pm.

Set to be screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre as part of Scotland Loves Animation, you’ll be able to watch the Japanese film with English subtitles for the very first time.

Based upon the cult Nintendo DS series, the film sees talented attorney Mia Fey (Rei Dan) murdered with junior lawyer Phoenix Wright (Hiroki Narimiya) left to defend her sister Maya Fey (Mirei Kiritani) who stands accused.

Wright soon comes up against level-headed prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (Takumi Saitoh), and a battle of wits ensues.

With the government having introduced “bench trials,” a new justice system in which the defense and prosecutor go head-to-head in an open court, a guilty or not guilty verdict must be made within three days.

Tickets are available through this link, and please be advised that the film has been awarded a rating of 12A.

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