Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy takes to the stand this week


Prepare to investigate crime scenes and tear apart witness testimonies as a rookie lawyer, with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy releasing for Nintendo 3DS this week.

Players can take to the courtroom in newly remastered versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations, promising a journey of drama, twists and comical characters.

Returning fans can enjoy remixed sound, re-drawn graphics and 3D support, while the inclusion of Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection will allow you to freely switch between the Japanese and English versions in-game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is now available in North America as a digital-only release through the Nintendo eShop, launching in Europe tomorrow – setting you back £24.99 (€29.99/ $29.99).

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