Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Adds New Turnabout Time Traveler Case


Those that have seen Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice through to completion will welcome news that a new episode is now available as downloadable content.

Turnabout Time Traveler takes place after the events witnessed in Spirit of Justice where we find that Phoenix Wright’s childhood friend Larry Butz in a bind once again.

Butz claims that he wants to marry Ellen Wyatt, a new client that turns out to be a time-travelling bride and murder suspect. However, the sudden complication is that she already has a husband.

Phoenix Wright partners up with Maya Fey to help the bride-to-be, searching for clues to solve the mystery before being faced with his long-time rival, chief prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, in court.

The Turnabout Time Traveler episode can be purchased directly from the in-game menu £5.99 €5.99 $5.99.

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