Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney film confirmed for worldwide release

phoenix wright ace attorney film

Capcom confirmed over the weekend that they are to develop a fifth game in the Ace Attorney series, and today has brought further news that is sure to please fans.

The Ace Attorney film, directed by Miike Takashi, was recently premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and was screened using the subtitles that included the characters’ western names as opposed to their Japanese counterparts.

Miike clarified that this formed part of their plans to release the film worldwide with region-specific dubs and subtitles. The film itself lasts 135 minutes, and encompasses the first five trials that the player encounters. It’s as over the top as the series, and all the better for it.

Whilst critics were left dissatisfied with the film, at the public world premiere it proved incredibly popular – resulting in a top ten place within the audience awards list with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Those wanting to catch a glimpse of the film can enjoy the latest trailer, released in November, which has received a fan translation:

[TwitchFilm via Destructoid]
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