PewDiePie Takes On Bayonetta 2’s Hot Action


Once critical about the Nintendo Creators Program, YouTube sensation Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie, has selected Bayonetta 2 for his next Let’s Play series.

The Wii U exclusive’s provocative art direction, explosive action and the chance to spank angels immediately leaves an impression on the Swedish star, who is left with an overwhelmingly positive response to the game’s intense opening sequence.

As always, the video is full of mirth and chuckles as PewDiePie reacts to the somewhat alluring cutscenes that Bayonetta has now become known for.

We were similarly blown away the Umbra Witch’s return, concluding in our review: “Bigger, badder and exquisitely better, Bayonetta 2 knocks its predecessor off its enviable perch to become perhaps the greatest action game of all time. From the word go, it will send your adrenaline into overdrive as you venture on a quest that will take you to the very depths of Hell and back.”

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  1. I kind of linked his LP… It made me laugh more than once. But well, the game can make me laugh just by itself. I’ll watch the next videos of the series…

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