Petition begins to bring Dark Souls II to Wii U

dark souls 2

Whilst VGA 10 brought the announcement that Dark Souls II will be headed to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the Wii U was noticeably absent.

Christopher Marcil has taken it upon himself to create a petition, pleading Namco Bandai to bring the notoriously brutal role-playing game to Wii U.

“I can see many ways that the Wii U could benefit the game, such as managing inventory on the touch screen without having to obscure the player’s vision on the TV (the Souls games do not pause, so you must be able to pay attention at all times),” Marcil comments.

“The affordability of a Wii U console compared to a gaming PC, and the free online play compared to Xbox Live fees on 360, make the Wii U version ideal for anyone who does not have or want a PS3.”

At the time of writing, it has gained 2,971 supporters with a further 97,029 to go.

You can view its progress and sign through this link.

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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