Peter Molyneux’s The Trail: Frontier Challenge Out Now On Nintendo Switch

The Trail: Frontier Challenge Screenshot

Kongregate has teamed up with 22cans to release The Trail: Frontier Challenge on the Nintendo Switch, the latest game from industry legend Peter Molyneux.

The innovative, exploration-driven simulation game takes players on a long journey through the beautiful and expansive American wilderness.

After creating your character, you will throw on a backpack and embark on an adventure through mountains and forests while collecting items to craft and trade with and avoiding reaching the point of exhaustion. As you amass fortune and notoriety, you will work with others around the world to build a thriving community to become the leader of the most successful town in the new American frontier.

Weather will affect your progress in challenging and unpredictable ways, where extreme cold will require that you eat more food and muddy terrain will slow your progress. The clothing and gear that you craft can lend buffs to counter these effects, and, once you reach Eden Falls, you will be able to build a home as one of five professions – Explorer, Hunter, Lumberjack, Cook, or Tailor – that each has their own skill tree to progress through.

Those that want to play in Handheld mode will also be able to use touch controls, which have been added for the Nintendo Switch release.

“The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic platform and one that is perfectly suited for The Trail: Frontier Challenge,” explains 22cans creative director Peter Molyneux. “Whether players are relaxing at home, or off on their own travels, there’s a completely immersive and beautiful experience to pick up and play.”

Kongregate co-founder and CEO Emily Greer adds: “Developing for the Switch has been a new and exciting process for our team. The Trail is a perfect debut Switch title for us; it’s family-friendly and easy to put down and pick back up again. We think Switch players will really enjoy being able to take their cinematic adventure with them anywhere they go.”

The Trail: Frontier Challenge is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe and will release in North America on March 8th, priced at £11.99 ($14.99).

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