PC Gamer label Wii U a “toy computer”

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Whilst The Sun were quick to poorly judge the Wii U, it has now fallen into the firing line of another publication.

In a passing reference to Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno being in development for Wii U, as well as PC, the publication refer to Nintendo’s new console as their “latest toy computer.”

“Tomorrow Corporation has confirmed that its new game, Little Inferno, will get a November release for PC, coinciding with the arrival of Nintendo’s latest toy computer, for which it is a launch title,” writes Marsh Davies.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, yet such comments do seem more than a little unfair.

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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  1. I really don’t know about this one it seems like the person wasn’t actually mocking the Wii U. But just just saying in comparison, a lot of people view video game consoles as toys. So maybe it was that mentality, who knows. But most of all who cares, lol.

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