PAX East 2014 to host Pokémon X&Y: Competitive Trainer Seminar

PAX East 2014 takes place this weekend in Boston, and attendees will be able to learn some battle tips and tricks in the Pokémon X&Y: Competitive Trainer Seminar.

Taking place in the Badger Theatre between 1-2pm this Saturday, the panel will consist of StreetPass Long Island co-founders Debbie Gluzband and Jeff Weinstein, StreetPass NYC senior event organiser Peter Ortiz, The Official Castelia Pokémon League founder K.C. Smithsen, and Pocket Players Podcast co-host Justin Vela.

Topics that they will be discussing will encompass: how to obtain competitive Pokémon; EV training (traditionally as well as via horde encounter); Breeding (for IV & Egg Moves); choosing a team; various strategies and analysis by seasoned Pokémon experts; and participating in Official Pokémon VGC Competitions.

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