Party Crasher Simulator Coming To Nintendo Switch

Party Crasher Simulator Logo

Glob Games Studio has revealed that Party Crasher Simulator is in development for Nintendo Switch.

You play as a high school freshman who has fallen in with a crowd who are passionate about ruining parties. Your goal will be to perform increasingly extreme pranks to rise in the ranks of this group, earning reputation points to progress the story, open up new opportunities and unlock special abilities.

The game will have 20 different areas in which you can perform your pranks, such as house parties, weddings, hen parties, pool parties, costume parties, company events and wakes.

“The game is in the early stages of development, and the first trailer is rather illustrative. I can already say that we are preparing a twisted plot, many interesting locations and even more possibilities to pull off elaborate pranks,” explains Glob Games Studio vice president Karol Marcinkowski.

“The player will choose one of the neighbourhoods, locate the party, thoroughly explore the area and get to work. Party Crasher Simulator will mainly focus on stealth, but the players will be given a lot of freedom. They will be able to go all John Rambo or use methods based on diplomacy and persuasion. Each party can be ruined in many different ways.”

Party Crasher Simulator will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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