Paper Mario: Sticker Star launch celebrated with Pop-up Diner


Nintendo will paint the town with stickers, having announced the arrival of a special Paper Mario style pop-up diner in Spitalfields.

They’ve turned to the imaginative interior design skills of artist and designer Camille Walala, as she helps to celebrate the launch of Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

The game’s distinctive world, from corrugated cardboard landscapes to hologram stickers, will pop-up in glorious 3D, including walls, tables, chairs, placemats and staff uniforms all bringing to life the characters, objects, and the stickers themselves.

It will be open to the public on Tuesday 20th November between 7.30am – 4pm, and Wednesday 21st November between 7.30am – 11pm.

The address is as follows:
The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields
12-16 Artillery Lane,
E1 7LS

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