Paper Mario-Inspired The Outbound Ghost Revealed

The Outbound Ghost Logo

Digerati and Conradical Games have revealed that the “hauntingly adorable RPG” The Outbound Ghost is coming to Nintendo Switch.

After arriving in Outbound, a small village with its own mysterious and tragic past, the game’s spectral protagonist discovers that it is haunted by former residents unable to pass over to the other side.

Condemned to an eternity haunting their old haunts until their unresolved earthly issues are addressed, you must help the village’s ghostly inhabitants achieve their unfinished business to allow their restless souls to ascend to the afterlife.

Playing as an amnesiac spook “with no memory of who they are or how they died,” your adventure will challenge you to battle the past, gain new abilities, solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries that surround Outbound.

“Due to budget restraints, early iterations of The Outbound Ghost lacked combat and important gameplay features. However, with Digerati supporting development, the game is now shaping up to become more aligned with what I’ve always wanted it to be,” explains Conradical Games’ Conrad Grindheim.

“The aim is to create a compelling story that seamlessly integrates with original gameplay. That’s something I’ve prioritized since day one. We still have work to do, but I’m already very happy with the narrative design. I don’t want to elaborate and give too much away, but there are multiple ‘paradigm shifts’ in the game that I hope will make for unforgettable story beats.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Colourful characters: Meet a lovable cast of spooks along the way, each with their own story to unravel
  • Combat encounters: Unlock figments of your past personality, such as Regret, Benevolence, and Jealousy and use them as party members in turn-based battles
  • Badge system: Craft materials earned by winning combat encounters into badges, which can be equipped for various effects and stat boosts
  • A world in 2.5D: Adorable, paper-style characters inhabit a world with depth and detail to create a distinctly eye-catching visual style.

The Outbound Ghost will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q4 2022.

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