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Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Without question, Paper Mario: Color Splash is the funniest game that you will play this year. This high-definition adventure for the moustachioed paper cut-out arrives as the penultimate first-party ...

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Paper Mario: Color Splash Pre-Order Bonus Splatters Nintendo Official UK Store

The Nintendo Official UK Store has revealed a Paper Mario: Color Splash pre-order bonus, for those interested in purchasing the paint-splatting Wii U exclusive. Those that pre-order the Paper Mario: C...


Nintendo Minute Take On The Golden Coliseum In Paper Mario: Color Splash

Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang swing a paint hammer in this week’s Nintendo Minute episode, playing Wii U exclusive Paper Mario: Color Splash. That sees them wander into The Golden Coliseum, an area ...


Rescue V Assemble In Paper Mario: Color Splash

Nintendo has revealed Rescue V, fearless colour defenders that will appear in Wii U exclusive Paper Mario: Color Splash. These daring toads – namely Rescue Red, Rescue Blue, Rescue Yellow, Rescu...


Restoring Colour To Prism Island In Paper Mario: Color Splash

It was a bad start for Paper Mario: Color Splash. Much like Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the Wii U exclusive was met with a negative backlash after it was revealed as part of a Nintendo Direct bro...


Nintendo Denies Gamergate Link In Paper Mario: Color Splash

Nintendo once again came under fire when dialogue spotted in Paper Mario: Color Splash was interpreted as a reference to the harassment suffered by Depression Quest creator Zoë Quinn. The screenshots,...


Fans Petition For Paper Mario: Color Splash Cancellation

When we first heard the rumour back in January, fans were excited at the idea that Intelligent Systems were working hard to bring Paper Mario to Wii U. But, after last week’s Nintendo Direct, th...


Paper Mario: Color Splash Swings A Paint Hammer At Wii U

Nintendo has announced Paper Mario: Color Splash, a Wii U exclusive action-adventure currently in development at Intelligent Systems. “Whenever we make a Paper Mario game, we always challenge ou...

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