Paper Mario: Color Splash Swings A Paint Hammer At Wii U


Nintendo has announced Paper Mario: Color Splash, a Wii U exclusive action-adventure currently in development at Intelligent Systems.

“Whenever we make a Paper Mario game, we always challenge ourselves to offer something fresh,” Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata explained. “This time, the theme is colours and paint. As such, the game takes place in a colourful paradise called Prism Island, but something is very wrong. Prism Island is being drained of its colour.

“To make sense of all this, it is up to Paper Mario to set off on a journey to bring colour back to the island. His new Paint Hammer is just the tool for the job. It splashes paint on anything he hits, restoring the island’s colour bit by bit.”

Paint can be used to restore colourless Toads or liven up Toad Houses, while it is used to paint cards on the Wii U GamePad that can then be flicked to start battles against enemies that you face.

Paper Mario: Colour Splash will release exclusively for Wii U later this year.

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