Pandora’s Tower to support both Classic Controller and Motion Control


We’re continuing to learn details about Nintendo’s upcoming Wii action-RPG Pandora’s Tower in short bursts, with retailers having provided the latest information.

Ende, the main character within the game, wields a chain as his primary weapon, which has a special attack capable of tearing the flesh of the beasts that he encounters. Whilst it sounds particularly grim, the attack becomes a necessity as the game’s heroine, Ceres, requires beast flesh to survive a curse which is slowly turning her into one of the creatures.

It had previously been assumed that due to the nature of the combat system utilising a chain as a weapon, that it would require motion controls to be utilised for gameplay yet it has been revealed that this is only optional.

As you continue to make your way to the boss at the top of Pandora’s Tower, you’ll be able to use the chain in the following ways:
* Grab and pull flesh and items from beasts.
* Restrain the beasts with the chain and then go in for the kill with another weapon.
* Restrain one beast with the chain, then swing it around to strike other enemies.
* Use the chain to latch on to walls and swing from location to location.
* Use the chain to manipulate switches.

In each case, you can control the action either with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck or with the Classic Controller. When using the motion control combination, the Wii Remote directly controls the chain, reportedly allowing you to feel like you’re swinging a real chain. Contrary to this, the Classic Controller option allows for pure button-based play.

Pandora’s Tower is due to release for Wii in Japan on May 26th, with no word as to a western release.

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