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More Nintendo 3DS, Wii U And Nintendo Switch Games Discounted In Festive Offers 2017 Promotion

As promised, Nintendo of Europe has announced further games for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS that have been discounted on the Nintendo eShop as part of the Festive Offers 2017 promotion. T...


PAN-PAN Review

This is an experience in which the player is immediately wracked with overwhelming guilt. When you start PAN-PAN for the first time, you see a spaceship harmlessly drifting through a boundless expanse...

8 Great

Nintendo eShop Update: 14th September 2017 (Europe)

This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for Europe are in, delivering new content on Nintendo Switch, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 3DS – as well as plentiful discounts. Special Offers (Wii U) Abs...

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