Pachter: “Wii U is arriving two years late”

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has stated his believe that Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, is “arriving two years late.”

“We think that Wii U is arriving two years late, given that the other HD consoles already have peripherals for movement,” Pachter began. “As Nintendo did not provide any specifics around the new console’s power or pricing (Nintendo used PS3 and Xbox 360 game footage in the Wii U presentation), we are assuming that the Wii U is unlikely to provide greater power than the current HD consoles.”

He continues, “If that is the case, we believe Nintendo has conceded a tremendous first mover advantage to Microsoft and Sony, which launched Kinect and Move control schemes, respectively, in late 2010.”

Pachter then continued to share that the analyst firm was further disappointed by information from Nintendo that the Wii U was only able to support one of its new tablet-like controllers.

“We were also disappointed by the recent announcement that each console can support only one of the new controllers, with the controllers for additional players coming from the original Wii.”

[Thanks, Gamasutra]

Alex Seedhouse
After starting out with a Yellow Game Boy and a copy of Donkey Kong Land, Alex once hid in his room to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time one Christmas. Now he shares his thoughts on Nintendo Insider, keeping track of everything to do with Nintendo.
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