Pachter predicts Wii U price cut and bundles to spur sales


In predicting that North American console and software sales will soon be revealed to have fallen by 23% throughout July, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter sees platform holders seeking to boost their performance.

Expecting that the Wii U will have sold 30,000 units during the month, being outsold by the Wii at 35,000 units, Pachter sees the need for price cuts and bundles ahead of Christmas by companies in order for them to celebrate success.

“We expect the prices for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to drop by at least $50, with the Wii dropping to $99,” Pachter discussed. “Nintendo may look to spur Wii U sales through either a price drop of $50 or a bundle that includes some of its more popular software, particularly if an improved release slate doesn’t spur console sales.”

[Thanks GamesIndustry International]

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