Pachter: PlayStation 4 likely to outsell Wii U by April


With PlayStation 4 sales having already thundered through the Christmas period, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter is predicting that Sony’s console will outsell the Wii U by April.

That’s not to say that Nintendo’s own won’t have seen a healthy lift throughout the festive season, but that there’s currently more consumer demand being shown behind Sony’s next-generation ambitions.

“I am pretty sure the Wii U will still be ahead in March, but PS4 is going to pass it in 2014 at some point. PS4 will only be at 5-5.5 million by March, Wii U should be a hair ahead of that. Probably April or May,” Pachter shared with GamerFitNation.

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  1. That is just a detail! As long as the console is OK and we have ours games we are waiting for, I’m fine! Because we have tons of games announced and we have unannounced games incoming!
    Maybe he is right but that won’t change anything about Nintendo’s carrier!

  2. How’s that saying go? A broken clock is still right twice a day?

    My gut instinct is that Sony will take first, Nintendo will be a surprise second, and Microsoft will come in last this generation. So I won’t be surprised if the PS4 surpasses the Wii U in sales sometime next year but we’ve already seen XBone sales start to fall off and I think that’s only the beginning. Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves after the epic PR disasters they made of the XBone launch announcement and e3 followup. Microsoft has since changed the policies that alarmed people but they haven’t regained the trust or respect of many of the gamers they alienated. What Microsoft doesn’t seem to get is that it was the attitude just as much as the substance. Either way, it’s clear that 2014 will be the year that shows us if the Wii U is another 3DS or another Gamecube. Personally, I’m betting that it will land somewhere between the two.

  3. Wii was first, ps3 was second and Xbox 360 was 3rd and I think Xbox one will have the same position. Concerning the two others, I have no idea!

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