Pachter: Nintendo skipping E3 a “good business decision”


Whilst Nintendo will still have a presence at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), their decision against holding a traditional media briefing has proved divisive.

Within his regular Pach Attack slot, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter was queried as to his opinion to which he actually agreed that the move made sense.

The event attracts the attention of the media worldwide, yet Pach acknowledged that Nintendo mustn’t see the value in making the monetary investment when headline coverage will mostly be saved for next-generation consoles from their competitors.

“You don’t get many opportunities when you’re a console manufacturer to have the entire world focused on games,” he explains. “So it’s the one time a year that you can be certain that everyone cares, not just Kotaku or Gametrailers. But CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox News, they’re all there. They care.

“So I think that from just a basic decision, it’s an opportunity for Nintendo to really show off a lot of stuff.”

Pachter believes that Nintendo, realising that they have no new hardware to show, thought long and hard about the situation before making the decision to change tactics.

“In their view, the return on that investment wasn’t worth it so they’re not doing,” he surmised, although was critical that Nintendo are missing a global stage with which they can build their brand, and more importantly public awareness of the Wii U.

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