Oxide Room 104 To Send Chills Down Your Nintendo Switch

Oxide Room 104 Logo

Perp Games and WildSphere have revealed that their “bone-chilling body-horror” game Oxide Room 104 will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

After heading to an appointment for a shady business that has apparently gone wrong, Matthew unexpectedly wakes up inside a bathtub in Room 104 at the Night Soul Motel.

From that moment on, you must use all of Matthew’s skills to find a way to escape from what quickly becomes the worst experience of his life. However, a horrible creature and a ruthless scientist will do whatever they can to prevent him from succeeding.

Each time that Matthew dies, he will return to Room 104’s bathtub and the motel will become “increasingly macabre and hostile.” The game’s story will change each time that you make a decision or perform certain actions, leading you to reach one of the multiple endings to this terrifying adventure. That is if you can survive.

Oxide Room 104 will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 17th June 2022, with a physical version to hit retailers “later in the summer.”

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