Owlboy Soars Toward Nintendo Switch Release


Owlboy is gently soaring toward a Nintendo Switch release, developer D-Pad Studio’s flying adventure platformer preparing to make a nest on the portable home console.

The news emerged in The Cat Mario Show Nyandies Special, which had covered games that were being shown at Japan’s independent developer event, BitSummit.

With players free to explore the game’s open-world, it is the unique mix of flight and platforming that saw it be met with critical acclaim on PC.

As a love letter to pixel art for a new audience, you will play as the mute Otus. Struggling to live up to the expectations of owl-hood, the situation becomes far worse when the sky pirates appear.

Journeying through monster-infested ruins with unexpected encounters and burdens no-one should have to bear, players can carry anything and must recruit Otus’s friends as gunners – each with their own stories and unique abilities – that will help you clear large dungeons in which you will face challenging boss battles.

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