‘Order Up!’ announced for Nintendo 3DS

Stuffolinis in Need of Repairs

Funbox Media have today announced that they are to release ‘Order Up!’ for Nintendo 3DS later this year.

Originally released for Wii back in 2008, the game utilised the motion sensitive controls of the Wii Remote and such approach in design to the core mechanics has now been re-tooled to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’ touch screen. Each culinary tool is finely tuned to feel familiar and similar to its real-world counterpart!

An assortment of characters presented in a light-hearted and comical style are designed to appeal to all types of players whimsical humor offers a counterpoint to the manic table-juggling gameplay and helps players to feel comfortable and entertained throughout the game.

You’ll rise through the ranks of the culinary world, from fast-food to world-class restaurants, with an array of recipes that can grow ever larger and building the quality of culinary equipment. Along the way you’ll have to face demanding patrons, discriminating food critics, and a showdown against other culinary masters in the game’s final competition.

Order Up! is due to release for Nintendo 3DS across Europe in Q4 2011.

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