Opinion: The Nintendo 3DS’ November System Update

Jeremy (@JeremyBTyler) casts a speculative eye over the contents of the Nintendo 3DS’ system update due in November.

Nintendo held another special 3DS conference last week to talk about the upcoming November system update, and it seemed a bit odd to have another conference dedicated to the system after having a 3DS specific conference right before the Tokyo Game Show.

In the upcoming update the 3DS will be able to shoot about ten minutes of 3D video. I believe that is a pretty decent feature to be adding, especially since I’m sure most people have kind of forgotten about the 3D camera on their 3DS. Maybe now I’ll have a reason to pull out the 3DS to shoot video instead of my cell phone or regular video camera. One think I am curious to hear is if there will be a 3D video transfer system to allow users to view the 3D video on a 3D TV, or if we are regulated to the 3DS screen.

Another feature that goes hand in hand with the new 3D video capability is a stop-motion capture feature. Now 3DS users will be able create their own stop-motion videos and explore a new creative side without having to buy expensive equipment. Again, I’m curious to know if there is any sort of file transfer or file sharing system for 3DS owners to enjoy the shorts that other users have made.

StreetPass is also getting a new map feature to allow users to see where they have passed other 3DS owners. I was hoping for this type of feature a bit earlier; as one who travels quit a bit, I usually don’t notice I have a StreetPass notification until a few hours after the fact at which point I could be across the city or in a different state.

FindMii is also getting a sequel, something for which I am excited. I can’t tell you how many of my game coins, or how much time I used to complete the mini-RPG twice. I wonder if we’ll be able to use the existing Miis we already have in our plaza in any way.

Another new feature of the November update is the ability to transfer batches of data from one 3DS to another. While my initial reaction was; “that’s pretty cool!” I started to think about the possible implications of including data transfer. It would appear that Nintendo might, in fact, be coming out with a re-designed 3DS. That is something that many, including myself, have speculated about since the announcement of the 3DS Slider to add a second analog stick.

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