ONM: Wii U news “just around the corner”

wii u news

In another annoying-yet-trying-to-be-helpful case of ‘we know more than the rest of you,’ the Official Nintendo Magazine have teased that fans won’t have to wait long before more Wii U news emerges.

“Keep the faith Nintendo fans. You won’t see much at gamescom other than Ubisoft updates but the good stuff IS just around the corner,” explained Editor-in-Chief Chandra Nair on social media site Twitter. “[…] frustrating for me too but there is stuff coming soon.”

Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait long, as the end of the year is beginning to draw worryingly near.

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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  1. If the rumoured release of November is actually true, then Nintendo surely must release some information on launch price, launch games etc… soon or else there won’t be any time for the company to promote it.

    I expect a Nintendo Direct soon or maybe even a press event similar to the one the 3DS had last January.

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