ONM: “Exciting” Wii U third-party announcements incoming

wii u gamepad

Nintendo held back from showcasing “exciting” third-party software at E3 2012, according to Official Nintendo Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Chandra Nair.

Such mention had ensued following the editorial team’s discussion of the key industry event during their latest podcast.

“It’s actually a moment I cant talk about, because my favourite bit of E3 was finding out about all the cool third-party stuff that’s coming for the Wii U, which they decided not to talk about, which was awesome,” Nair explained.

“So I just want to say yeah, there’s there’s exciting third-party stuff coming, I reckon we might see it at Gamescom, we might see it at TGS, but it’s coming y’all.

“That was my favourite bit because everyone was saying “Oh, no one’s bringing out anything for Wii U”, and I saw some cool things.”

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