One Piece: Gigant Battle gains screenshots and Shichibukai trailer

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Namco Bandai have today released a new trailer, alongside an additional spectacle of screenshots, for their upcoming Nintendo DS fight-action title One Piece: Gigant Battle.

Currently in development by Ganbarion, the game is set to feature the entire One Piece cast from the Eiichiro Oda masterpiece and aims to stay faitful to the popular manga’s pirate universe.

The game traces a similar set-up to that of the manga, with the crew traversing the Sabaondy archipelago right up to Marine Ford which brings the first era of the Straw Hat Crew to a close.

You’ll spend your time in Pirate Grand Prix mode, where players will take the crew island hopping, tackling a variety of missions and finding themselves launching into chaotic and crazy battles with formidable opponents. A Wi-Fi Multiplayer mode is also on offer, allowing up to four players to battle across a selection of troublesome stages.

You can check out new screenshots and a Shichibukai trailer for the game below:

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