Once Bitten, Twice Dead!’s Kickstarter campaign launches


With the looming zomblokalypse, Dark Day Interactive’s Kickstarter campaign for Once Bitten, Twice Dead! has now launched and will help allow the Australian developer to help secure humanity’s survival.

Their game, which is intended for a Wii U release in Q4 2015, mixes crafting, stealth and action coupled with single player and multiplayer elements – thrusting players into the midst of a virus pandemic that’s mutating living things into the undead.

“We’re thrilled to release our pre-alpha to masses and that people are really excited by what we’re doing, we’ve been dreaming of making an ablokalyptic title for quite some time,” comments Dark Day Interactive’s lead designer Mark Hann, “but we need help with the zomblokalypse and so, we’ve chosen Kickstarter for exposure to help fund the Wii U port of our game and further development to expand the whole game.”

Dark Day Interactive are looking to secure $20,000 (AUD) within the next month. You can check out their Kickstarter page, and, for those interested, there’s also a playable pre-alpha build that’s now available to download.

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