Once Bitten, Twice Dead brings colourful horror survival to Wii U


When a catastrophic event referred to as the “falling” struck Earth, humanity hid away in defensive camps to protect themselves from undead munchers.

Dark Day Interactive’s horror survival title Once Bitten, Twice Dead will see you venture for building materials, guns, ammo, food and water to help you through the virus pandemic.

Eventually destined for Wii U, players will harvest, craft and cook to survive, while defeating any random boss encounters.

You can either work alone or with others as part of a multiplayer team, with the developer serving up competitive arena and death match modes as well as an Outbreak mode where you can play as the infected.

We’ll keep you posted as the Australian developer shares more!

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  1. This is literally just Unturned. Absolute ripoff. The cars are exactly the same. How are they getting away with this?

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