Official Nintendo Magazine tease “new Wii U game” in April issue


Official Nintendo Magazine has teased that their April issue will feature a new, unannounced Wii U game, and, in pre-empting speculation running into overdrive, specifies that it is neither a new F-Zero or Star Fox title from the House of Mario.

“OOOOOH! New Wii U game! (And no, it isn’t F-Zero or Star Fox),” they tease within the latest issue, also revealing that next month will see them review Yoshi’s New Island and talk Hyrule Warriors with the Dynasty Warriors development team.

In respect of publishing deadlines, we largely expect this reveal to be Sonic Boom, which was announced by SEGA last Thursday, and headed exclusively to Wii U and 3DS.

Although early last year saw the magazine tease a world exclusive first look, which eventually turned out to be Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations console port, so we could still see another announcement potentially on the cards beforehand.

Official Nintendo Magazine’s April issue, number 106, will be on sale on March 12th.

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  1. Where they have teased this? I have the February edition of ONM and I cannot seem to locate that phrase.

    Can you please post a source or snap?

  2. ^^ Thanks I am looking forward to it, they’ll probably release the digital download via zinio by 15th. It’d be great if you can post a snap or two for hungry souls 😛

    Thanks for the heads up.

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