Official Nintendo Magazine receives redesign, due on sale this week


Future Publishing have today announced that they are to unveil a revamped version of the Official Nintendo Magazine this week on Thursday 17th March, in regards to both print and online.

In celebration of the Nintendo 3DS launch, issue 67 of ONM will boast a spectacular 3D lenticular cover and will be available exclusively in Tesco and WHSmith stores.

The redesigned issue will include definitive reviews of the top 3DS launch games, an in-depth hardware feature revealing everything the 3DS can do, a new line of new regular retro features, revealing interviews and a renewed focus on ONM’s dedicated community.

A new Connect section will strengthen ties with an already committed fan-base and will aim to show readers how to interact with each other in new ways every month. Reader feedback through letters, emails, tweets, Facebook posts and events runs throughout the new-look magazine, reflecting the passion and excitement of Nintendo gaming.

The new look is based around clean, modern design principles and top quality production values. Combined with an informed, accessible editorial approach and greater community interaction, the new Official Nintendo Magazine reflects Nintendo’s unique place in the gaming world better than ever before.

The new-look ONM website ( also goes live on March 17th with a range of fresh community features. It currently welcomes over a quarter of a million visitors every month, and hosts the biggest and most passionate community of Nintendo fans in the world.

“The refreshed mag and site are designed to make interacting with the huge ONM fanbase easier than ever,” commented Neil Long, Editor in Chief for Future’s Nintendo Group. “With a growing Facebook and Twitter presence on top of the monthly podcast and weekly TV shows on the Nintendo channel, the Official Nintendo Magazine brand continues to go from strength to strength across all platforms.”

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