Octopath Traveler Releases For Nintendo Switch On July 13th


Square Enix has announced when Octopath Traveler will release on Nintendo Switch, which is now the final name for the widely anticipated RPG.

First up is the merchant, Tressa. “She sets off to find her own adventure and gain experience in her job,” producer Masashi Takahashi explains. “Her Path action is ‘Purchase’ which usually means she can obtain special items from townsfolk.”

And then there was the apothecary, Alfyn. “He embarks on his journey to heal those suffering across the continent,” Takahashi adds. “His Path action is ‘Inquire.’ He can worm out information others aren’t privy to in standard conversations.”

While characters start with their base job, they can equip an additional job to use in battle to combine their abilities and expand your strategic options.

Octopath Traveler will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 13th.

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