Obsidian Entertainment “would absolutely support” new Nintendo system, comments CEO


As rumours of a new Nintendo console have continued to circulate, leading third-party development studios have added their comments in placing their weight behind its potential arrival.

Feargus Urquhart, CEO for Obsidian Entertainment comments that he believes that “it is the right time for Nintendo to launch a new system” and that he would be more than happy for his studio to place their support behind it.

“It’s great to hear about a new Nintendo system being in the works,” Urquhart began. “A bunch of my college and post-college years were spent playing on the NES and SNES, and so I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for more than twenty years now. I also remember when playing Final Fantasy meant playing on the NES or even a Gameboy.”

He continued, “And I do think it is the right time for Nintendo to launch a new system, and we would absolutely support it. I stated playing RPGs at a pretty young age on personal computers, and I’d love to bring those games to the younger audience Nintendo has always been great at making games and systems for.”

Further to this Ru Weerasuriya, Co-Founder of Ready at Dawn Studios, adds his belief that introducing an HD platform is “definitely needed from them [Nintendo] at this juncture” although ultimately the success of the system will largely depend on the games that suppport it.

“It’s been a while that people have been speculating about the release of a Nintendo HD platform,” Weerasuriya explained. “I do think that such hardware is definitely needed from them at this juncture. But creating new hardware is just a start.”

He continues, “The Wii gave them an opportunity to expand the gaming audience at large but for many people I know, it was just a short-lived fad. The breadth of games didn’t follow. The past has lent credence to the fact that the last Nintendo platforms have been tantamount to closed systems that have really only been beneficial to Nintendo games. Whether they change their approach to third-party publishers, only time will tell. As for developers, any studio out there should always consider the potential of any new hardware coming out if it provides a good platform for the kind of games they make and the type of audience they seek.

“Ultimately, a console and its resulting success or failure will always be defined by the games,” he stated in closing.

Third-party developers have never truly found success on Nintendo platforms, with the consumer feeling well-catered for through first-party offerings. Despite the success of the Wii, this is something that Nintendo must now seek to reconcile if they are to continue to gain such support in future, and the positivity from the industry in regards to rumblings of a new system are most certainly welcome.

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  1. I still don’t feel it’s nintendo’s fault for the 3rd party issues. The 3rd parties just don’t see nintendo as profitable for themselves so they just absolutely disregard it. If Wii was HD and porting PS360 games to it was simpler and less stress, then maybe publishers would see more reason to put the games on it since it would be such a low cost vs profit choice. I don’t own a PS360 and don’t see buying one ever. I don’t want a machine that does everything. I just want a machine that will only play games. I hope nintendo makes a new console that makes it easier for the publishers to bring those games to the Wii.

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