Nyko Reveal Ultra-Thin Nintendo Switch Dpad Case That Can Even Store Games

Nyko Nintendo Switch Dpad Case Photo 1

Nyko Technologies has revealed the Dpad Case for Nintendo Switch, an ultra-thin case that protects both the portable home console and Joy-Con.

Coming with a tempered glass screen protector, you can choose whether the left Joy-Con has a cover to create a d-pad or if the existing buttons are passed through. And, when not in use, the d-pad cover can be stored inside the case.

The ultra-thin case allows it to remain attached while the Nintendo Switch is docked, and, when played on the go, the underside of the Joy-Con covers have slots that let you store as many as three game cards.

The Dpad Case for Nintendo Switch will release in Spring 2019, priced at $19.99.

Nyko Nintendo Switch Dpad Case Photo 2

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