Now George Takei Is Playing Pokémon GO

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Donning a Pikachu cap and Pokémon t-shirt, USS Enterprise helmsman George Takei was joined by his friend Matt in New York’s Central Park to learn how to play Pokémon GO.

His heartwarming experience was shared on Facebook Live, a 20-minute adventure that has since been viewed by more than two million fans.

Takei shared early praise for how PokéStops help players discover historic landmarks, revealing that Bulbasaur was the first Pokémon that he chose to capture.

An advocate for exercise and hydration, Takei’s adventure soon saw the Star Trek luminary catch a Rattata, before discovering a Spearow and Bellsprout – remarking that all the Pokémon that he had seen look angry.

What shines through is his clear enthusiasm and passion for discovering what all the fuss has been about, while learning precisely how it should be played.

“Thanks Pokémon – I had much fun taking a Pikachu new game,” Takei wrote after concluding his Pokémon GO journey. “It was a Goldeen opportunity.”

Pokemon GO LIVE!

Posted by George Takei on Thursday, 28 July 2016

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