Nobuo Uematsu releasing new Dancing Dad album


Globally renowned Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu has confirmed that he will release another album on his Dog Ear Records label.

Dancing Dad sees new arrangements of his popular Final Fantasy scores mixed among original music, as Uematsu once again teams up with Earthbound Papas.

The group will play a gig at the Kawasaki’s Club Citta in August, where he’ll sign copies of the new album.

Dancing Dad’s ten-strong tracklist is as follows:
1. “Homecoming Again ~ Opening Fanfare” for Symphonic Odysseys
2. Doppelganger
3. “Fight With Seymour” from Final Fantasy X
4. La petite malice du Kijimunaa
5. “Toneless” from Anata wo yurusanai
6. Interlude ~ Anthony’s Dream
7. “Delight of the victors” from Ultra Dimension Neptune V
8. “Lord of Vermilion” from Lord of Vermilion
9. “Dancing Mad” from Final Fantasy VI
10. “Watashi No Mizu To Sora” from Blue Dragon

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