“No Plans” For The Sims 4 On Nintendo Switch


Electronic Arts and Maxis had announced that The Sims 4 was set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in the year, but, somewhat disappointingly, there are “no plans” for the popular life simulation game on Nintendo Switch.

“There currently are no plans to bring it to Switch at this time,” shared Amanda Drake, Maxis global community manager.

The console version will let players create unique Sims by customising everything from their hair colour and style to their fashion choices and life aspirations, to then use the room-based Build Mode to design their dream home.

It’s all about experiencing life’s unpredictable, but entertaining moments along the way, as Sims explore nearby neighbourhoods and venues, interacting with others around them.

With the base PC game and additional content added to The Sims 4 post-launch, Maxis will support the console version with periodic game updates and extra content releases.

Maybe, at some point, they can find the time to turn their attention to the Nintendo Switch.

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