No Place For Bravery Given September Release Date

No Place For Bravery Screenshot

Ysbryd Games and Glitch Factory have confirmed a release date for No Place For Bravery on Nintendo Switch.

The story-driven action RPG “explores the lengths a parent would go to find their child in a wartorn world, in which Thorn, an old soldier dedicated to the advancement of his people, sets out to expel the nightmares that plague him.

After discovering that his long-lost daughter Leaf still lives, Thorn sets out with his disabled foster son Phid to find her – enduring a painful quest that will force him to confront the decisions that he made in his past.

With an equal emphasis placed on narrative and action, the game’s combat encounters have been created around fast-paced movement mixed with swift strikes and tactical parries.

As you explore the world of Dewr, you will earn upgrades from “significant encounters” rather than levelling up and increasing stat numbers.

“The fantastical spaces of video games allow us to explore important questions about our real-life roles and responsibilities,” explains Glitch Factory developer Matheus Queiroz. “In the exaggerated fantasy of Dewr, we can test Thorn’s role as a father against extreme conditions you can’t replicate in the real world. At those extremes, No Place for Bravery ponders the difference between a rescue mission and a vengeful crusade.”

No Place For Bravery will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 22nd September 2022.

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